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What Patients Are Saying

I have been to this facility on over 40 occasions for three different injuries over the past four years. When I first went to this facility, I was certain that only surgery would cure my pain and I underwent PT just to satisfy my doctor. The PT under the direction of Dana Schwartz cured my problem without surgery (to my surprise)!!!! My wife has also been cured by Dana on several occasions due to her osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal issues.

Dana Schwartz is an excellent physical therapist and she manages her professional staff to assure that they provide the same outstanding professional excellence that she practices herself. The office atmosphere is not the typical "professional" environment where you are treated "professionally". The atmosphere here is warm, caring and customized to your needs - both in scheduling and treatment. You are not simply a "patient" but you will find that you are warmly welcomed to become a part of the Schwartz family. My wife and I both highly recommend this practice.

L. Gray

The last time you were in physical therapy, were you offered a cup of tea? I was. Why? Because I was at Schwartz PT! The entire staff is welcoming and immediately makes you feel at home. They DO treat you like family! Dana, the owner, is most professional, most knowledgeable and most efficient. She will have you moving and feeling better. You can count on it. Dana is very patient and believes in one small step at a time while moving towards your total recovery. She takes into account not only your immediate problem but your entire being.
PLEASE do not fail to read the story of Dana's father, John, on her website. Heartwarming and remarkable. Speaking of heartwarming and remarkable, when you become her patient, I hope you have the opportunity to meet her wonderful daughter. She is an absolute delight! She made me feel like we were friends forever!
What else can I say? Except that Schwartz is the place to go for your physical therapy needs. Dana has done every possible thing in her power to help me and I know she will help you too!

G. Smith

Patient Stories: Testimonials
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