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Is it safe to go into the PT office?

Many of you are wondering if it is truly safe to go into the office with others around. Here at Schwartz Physical Therapy, we run things safely and efficiently.

  1. We are an on time office. What does that mean? It means that if you have a

  2. 9am appointment, you will be seen at 9am. The next patient is strategically scheduled so that as you are ending your session, the next person is starting. Limiting the number of people in our office is key to safety success.

  3. If you touch it, we clean it! you will have your own room and it is cleaned by myself or Theresa before you start and when you are done. We use CLEANED signs to designate that the area has been sanitized.

  4. We have 3 private treatment rooms, plus a small exercise area. This ensures you privacy and safety as we treat you. The exercise area is used by one person at a time. That allows each person plenty of space to do their workout.>

These simple and effective steps allow us to treat you like family!

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