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Telehealth and E-Visits

Thelhealth and E-Visits have been around for a few years now, but not often used by PT's.

Now with the Coronavirus epidemic, PT's and their patients have entered the realm of the high tech visit.

Telehealth = A video visit with a unique link for patient privacy (think HIPPA). This replaces an in office visit with all the usual PT activity, education and exercise except for hands on treatment and modalities. Some payors are now paying for this type of visit because of the virus are trying to let patients get the care they need from a distance and not risk interaction with others. Please call your insurance carrier to see if it will be covered for you. This coverage may change daily because of the shift in policy of insurance right now.

E-Visit= A non video visit meant for guidance, management and support. This is a ONE TIME visit that Medicare will pay for. This may be a telephone call or sharing of information through a patient portal, upgrading a home exercise program (HEP).

More information on this topic is available on a daily basis and we will update this blog accordingly.